How to become a member of UAPPO

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  2. Types of UAWLE Membership
  3. Association Membership benefits
  4. How to join UAWLE
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UAWLE Membership is open for women and men who work in law enforcement bodies, regardless of their rank or position. Association members pay an admission and annual fee amounting to 0.2 of the minimum wage effective at the time of the contribution.

The admission fee must be paid within five business days after receiving a notification of acceptance to UAWLE. Annual fees are paid by March 1 of the appropriate year.

Types of UAWLE Membership

Active membership for current law enforcement officers who hold a special rank

Associate membership for persons who are actively involved in the activities of the Association and/or are involved in the reform of law enforcement agencies

Honorary membership for persons who have special merits to the Association

Association Membership benefits

  • An opportunity to participate in trainings, seminars and other types of training programs for professional and personal development, participation in international conferences, events, and training exercises.
  • Exchange of experience with colleagues at the national and international levels, specifically with representatives of the International Association of Women Police.
  • An opportunity to have one’s own mentor who will help with professional and personal development, or to become a mentor yourself.
  • Legal and psychological support in case of crisis.

How to join UAWLE

To join the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement:

  1. Fill in the application form below.
  2. Receive a notification of admission to the Association by e-mail.
  3. Pay an annual fee of UAH 536.80 to the UAWLE account using the following bank details:
    IBAN UA543052990000026007020114466
    Recipient’s bank: PrivatBank
    Bank code: 321842
    EDRPOU: 41993501

    Purpose of payment: annual membership fee for 2023/surname, name, patronymic/ The amount must be exactly 536.80 UAH.

    Be sure to indicate your full name and take into account the bank's fees.

  4. Receive a member ID in person or by mail.
AppFormUAWLE.pdf pdf, 289,7 КБ

Registration form

What membership status are you applying for?
Name with a capital letter!
Full name of your place of work
(For Sworn officers). In case of absence, mark `don't have`
Full name of your position
The official email of the institution where you work
Date of birth
If applicable
If applicable
If applicable
If applicable
Please specify in this format Number, city. For example - 1, Kyiv
In 380 format
Your personal e-mail (for correspondence with UAWLE)
Please attach the Application form in PDF format